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Claire Bolgil - Bio

I have always loved creating stories. One of my earliest school memories was writing a story about a magic sandcastle that, despite the tide coming in, would never disappear, it just stayed there on the beach, day after day. I also have fond memories of using my mumís old typewriter to type stories. By this point I wasnít writing about nice magic sandcastles but about giant spiders, and ghostly mansions. My reading tastes went that way as well. Although I did like adventure stories, I preferred ghost stories and tales with unexpected twists. Stephen King became my favorite author, and remains one of my favorites to this day. But, despite my early love for writing, it never really occurred to me that I could actually become a writer and make a living from it.

Fast forward twenty or so yearsÖ I had been to university and got a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management, worked within the tourism industry, and had many different temporary jobs, but never really found my way, until I emigrated to Canada in 2007 and began freelance writing. I focused first on travel and then expanded into the real estate sector as well, becoming a successful freelance writer for websites all over the world.

Today, I still do the freelance writing. I have a dedicated website, Buzzwords, for that side of things, but my real passion is in writing stories. I have been working on Entwined on and off for about 4 years. It has been through numerous re-writes and is now finally at a point where I believe itís the best it can be. With the publishing world being so difficult to break into, I decided to use Kindle Direct Publishing to publish Entwined in ebook format as well as paperback on demand. This is especially exciting for me as it was always my dream to see my novel in print. Itís been a long journey to get to this point, and Iím excited to see whatís next. I very much hope you enjoy Entwined, and will be watching this space for a new thriller from me soon Ė I currently have several in the early stages and am looking forward to continuing with them.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope to see you back here soon.
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