Jess is a wife, a mom, and a detective... but is she a serial killer?

Detective Constable Jessica Macauley has worked hard to make her name in the coveted Homicide Unit of the Vancouver Police Department so when given the chance to take the lead on a case, she canít refuse. But, Jess hadnít counted on it being a serial case with little to no evidence, nor had she ever imagined she would develop a psychological link with the killer. As the body count rises, Jess finds her mind becoming more entwined with the mind of the serial killer. He haunts her nightmares, sharing images and details of each murder though never his own identity. As Jessís personality begins to change she struggles to keep control, jeopardizing a nine-year marriage to embark on a risky affair with her sergeant, and all the while having to persuade a disgruntled fellow detective that sheís not involved in the crimes, even as she begins to believe that she might be. To solve the case, Jess must delve into her own childhood traumas and come face to face with the man responsible for them.


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